How we work

Ask for a translation or interpreting quote:

Translation: We analyse your request and send you a quote the same day.
We then find the right translator according to the source and target languages, specialisation and availability.

Interpreting: We analyse the client’s needs, discuss and advise with regard to the type of interpreting required, the number of interpreters and the equipment required.

The equipment is chosen according to the location, type of interpreting, number of participants and speakers, type of meeting, etc.
Interpreters are chosen according to their source and target languages, specialisations and availability.

After we receive the signed quote:

Translation: You send us the document to be translated (email, fax, courier). We always agree the deadline with you beforehand.

Interpreting: One of our interpreters is appointed to act as team manager and will liaise with you for the entire duration of the mission.
A technician will be made available for the entire duration of the mission according to the equipment supplied.

Translation sent to the client:

With, if necessary, the translator’s comments

Service provided to the client