Whether simultaneous, consecutive or liaison, interpreting requires much more than just excellent language skills. It involves communication skills and the ability to seamlessly convey the spoken word from one language into another.

Translation Unlimited will provide you with its professional conference interpreters for all your international events: trade fairs, conferences, board meetings, etc. both in France and abroad.

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Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is done in a sound-proofed glass booth.
The interpreter hears the speaker through headphones and then translates simultaneously into the microphone.
It takes less than 10 seconds to translate what the speaker says.
Members of the audience listen through a headset connected to a receiver enabling them to select the target language and adjust the volume.
Simultaneous interpreting is much less time consuming than consecutive interpreting.

Consecutive interpreting

In consecutive interpreting the interpreter waits for the speaker to finish before translating into the target language. During the ‘‘original’’ speech, the interpreter takes notes in order to accurately and fully reproduce the speech in the target language. The duration of interpreted ‘‘sections’’ can vary between 1 and 15, even 30 minutes. Ideally the interpreter should be allowed to translate after 5 to 10 minutes. This enables the audience’s attention to be maintained and for the interpreter to have the necessary structure for an accurate translation.

Liaison interpreting

Liaison interpreting is used in meetings and for appointments.
The interpreter is familiar with the subject and uses his/her skills to facilitate communication between the participants.

Chuchotage interpreting

‘‘Chuchotage’’, meaning ‘‘to whisper’’ in French, consists of whispering the translation for up to 3 participants. This form of interpreting is simultaneous and does not require any equipment.